10 Best Off-Road Vehicles of 2024 on the Road

Best Off-Road Vehicles of 2024 on the Road

We don’t take lightly the idea of compiling the ultimate list of best off-road vehicles. A bunch of trucks and SUVs should be on the list. Some are classics; some are the newest models. Some are hardcore off-road machines; others are street vehicles with hidden off-road talents. What follows is our lineup of 30 cars that stand out as the most capable, popular, and influential off-roaders ever made. In alphabetical order, this list is just the beginning.

The market for off-road vehicles is booming right now. More than ever, people want to hit the trails for high-speed thrills, low-speed crawls, or epic overlanding adventures. Here are the best new off-road trucks and SUVs available today.

There’s no better time to start searching for the perfect off-road vehicle and get outside to enjoy some off-road fun this year. Whether you’re into two wheels or four, gas engines or electric, the off-road scene offers a wide range of vehicles designed to handle rugged terrains.

With so many choices, it’s wise to start by picking a vehicle type first (4×4, ATV, side-by-side, bike, etc.), then a brand (Jeep, KTM, Polaris), and finally a model (Wrangler, 300 EXC, RZR). To help you kick off your search, we’ve put together a high-level guide on the different types of off-road vehicles and the adventures they’re best suited for.

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Another highly popular and influential off-roader is Jeep’s Grand Cherokee. First introduced in 1993, the Grand Cherokee was more extensive and luxurious than the standard Cherokee and targeted competition with Ford’s new Explorer. Currently in its fifth generation, and even though it lost its solid front axle in 2005 and switched over to a fully independent suspension in 2011, the Jeep Grand Cherokee remains the benchmark for midsize off-road-capable SUVs.

2. Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer

With the recent trend of dusting off retro nameplates, Jeep has revived the full-size Wagoneer. Don’t get us wrong, the new generation Wagoneer is bred for off-road prowess, but this old girl set the benchmark of luxury and performance for her time.

The Jeep Wagoneer is known for being a bit luxe; it also offers a classic white interior, but it’s only available on the top trims—the Series II and Series III.  From 1963 to 1993, the original Wagoneer was the first full-size, body-on-frame SUV and one of the biggest names in off-road history.

3. Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002

The Lamborghini LM 002 was born from the LM 001 project. It is a sturdy off-road beast with a V12 engine, with supercar-like performance going up to 210 km/h and the ability to handle steep gradients with ease. Its raw, muscular design and specially developed Pirelli tyres paved the way for high-powered SUVs. Lamborghini produced only 301 LM002s, making them a rare sight.

4. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover jumped into the seven-passenger full-size SUV fray in 1989 with the launch of the Discovery, but it wasn’t until 1994 that the model came to the US. The Discovery has offered incredible off-road capability throughout its generations. However, the most recent, released in 2017, has parted ways with its rugged good looks, and some fans of the previous Discovery LR3 and LR4 have been looking toward the Defender. If you’re considering the Discovery as a significant off-roader, know it is, but you’ll want to be prepared for the softer look of the newest generation.

5. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes Benz G-Class

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also known as the G-Wagen, is an iconic SUV with a rich history. Originally a military vehicle, it became available to the public in 1979 and arrived in the US in 2002. Equipped with three locking differentials, including front, rear, and centre, it’s highly capable off-road. Despite its luxury status, the G-Wagen remains a true icon renowned for its rugged performance.

6. Chevrolet Silverado ZR2

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2

For those who want a little more tow capability from their off-road pickup, Chevy sells the Silverado in ZR2 trim. Like the Colorado version, it also carries on with locking differentials and DSSV dampers; still, being more prominent, driving in tight off-road situations might be more challenging than the smaller Colorado. If you’re thinking of the Silverado ZR2, remember its strong tow ratings and size when wheeling in cramped terrain.

7. Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford F-150 Raptor

Whether you choose a base F-150 Raptor or the supercharged V8 monster in the Raptor R, you’re in for a thrill. It’s the best half-ton for an adrenaline junkie looking to spend a Saturday kicking up dirt. The Raptor is engineered to be capable of going off-road with features like a dedicated Baja Mode. If you’re looking for a truck with a personality tailored around the word extreme in off-roading, look no further than the F-150 Raptor lineup.

8. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

A Subaru Outback may seem out of its element in the company of hardcore off-roaders, but it’s competent off the pavement and perfect for light trails. With features such as EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, LED headlighting, and 8.7″ of ground clearance, it’s ready for just about any adventure one might want to imagine. Not precisely for Moab-style off-roading, this would be perfect for those outdoor-loving people looking for a vehicle that gives them versatility and comfort.

9. Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra

The Nissan Xterra, a Frontier-based SUV produced between 1999 and 2015, received respect from off-road enthusiasts through its rugged features, such as a locking rear differential and powerful engine options. Though long gone since 2015, Nissan says it’s now “very actively” discussing the return of the Xterra, meaning authenticity and serious truck capability.

Though there is no confirmation, the modern Xterra would most likely incorporate subtle retro cues but still sit atop the Frontier platform. Taking some inspiration from past design elements and keeping affordability in mind, Nissan takes a refreshing step toward its retro-inspired design and modern truck capability.

10. Ram TRX


If you’re looking for Ram’s response to the F-150 Raptor, look no further than the Ram 1500 TRX. When it hit dealerships in 2021, this truck beast was meant to devour rugged desert landscapes with relative ease. It packs quite a wallop with a supercharged 6.2-litre V-8, making 702 horsepower.

And with 13 inches of front wheel travel, 14 inches of rear wheel travel, wide fenders, and clearance for 37-inch wheels, the TRX is ready to take on any trail. And to boot, it bagged the highest honour of 2021 Motor Trend Truck of the Year; the status is cemented as one of the best in the class.

So, there you have it, our full rundown of the best off-road vehicles. From classic icons to the newest contenders, we’ve covered the spectrum of rugged rides ready to take any ground thrown at them. Whether you lust after high-speed thrills, low-speed crawls, or epic overlanding adventures, a perfect off-road companion awaits you.

The off-road vehicle market is hotter than ever, and enthusiasts are hungry to hit the trails and explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re eying the iconic off-road brilliance of the Jeep Grand Cherokee or drooling over the Ram 1500 TRX’s outrageous power, there’s simply no shortage of options to satisfy your style and adventure needs. It’s time to gear up, hit the trails, and finally let your inner off-road warrior come alive with one of these top-notch rides.

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