A Full List Of Car Brands That Start With N

List Of Car Brands That Start With N

Are you a car fanatic who is always looking for something new to explore in the automotive world? If so, today, we bring you a list of car brands that start with N. Alphabets have a vital role in the brand’s nomenclature and visual identity. It is one of the biggest reasons many car buyers prefer to buy car representing logos or names that go with their initials.

Nissan is the most popular car brand in the world, beginning with N, followed by Nismo, Navistar, Nash Motors, and more. Today,  only a handful of globally operating N initial automotive brands exist. However, some are present on national levels, while others are long gone. From sports cars, race track runners, and luxury vehicles to affordable everyday commutes, these brands have something for everyone.

So whether you are looking to buy a new vehicle with a bold N as its primary image or simply want to learn something new, below is a fantastic guide listing the 29 automotive brands worldwide starting with the alphabet N.

1. Nissan

Nissan, or Nissam Motor Corporation Limited, is a Japanese multinational automaker globally known for producing a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, sedans, and EVs. This brand was founded in 1933, and today, it is a big name if you wish to own an affordable yet reliable driving partner. 

With the ongoing Kia Theft Class Action Lawsuit, Japanese car brands like Nissan are the best choices to consider. Nissan has built quite a reputation in the EV market. As of 2018, the company has sold over 320,000 all-electric vehicles. The Nissan LEAF is the brand’s top-selling electric car. The 2024 Nissan Versa is one of the best sedans available in the market.

2. Nismo

NISMO was founded in 1984. It was originally a company, Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd., formed after the merger of Nissan’s in-house tuning, motorsports, and performance subsidiary. Since the 1960s, this company has participated in several international racing events, such as JTCC, JSPC, and more.

In 2022, Nismo ceased to exist as a company. It merged with its sister company, Autech, to form a new Nissan subsidiary, Nissan Motorsport & Customizing.

3. Navistar

Navistar, Inc., is a US-based holding company founded in 1986 as a successor to International Harvester, an American maker of agricultural and construction equipment, automobiles, commercial trucks, and more.Navistar owns International-branded commercial trucks & buses, diesel engines, and other heavy-duty vehicles. In 2021, Navistar became a wholly owned subsidiary of Traton and thus became a part of Volkswagen Group.

4. Noble Automotive

Noble Automotive Limited, generally known as Noble, is a British sports car manufacturer established in 1999. This low-production automaker is known for producing higher-performance sports cars featuring rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

Since its birth, this company has produced seven models, including the M10, M12 GTO, M400,  M12 GTO-3, M12 GTO-3R, M14, M15, M600, M400, and the M500. Each model is hailed for its distinctive design and exceptional performance. Noble M600, released in 2009, expanded the brand’s horizon into hypercar territory. GTO-3R and M400 were the only Noble models exported to the US, and too only 220.

5. Novitec Rosso

Novitec Rosso is a German automobile tuning company specializing in modifying and enhancing models of top Italian automakers, such as Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Alfa Romeo.

This European car brand was founded in 1938, and since then, it has been doing amazing work and expanding itself. In 2007, the company established Novitec Tridente, a special division dedicated to tuning Maserati models. The company also established another division called Spofec, focusing on tuning Rolls-Royce models.

Apart from tuning, Novitec also produces a range of aftermarket parts and completes car modifications for the brands it specializes in.

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6. Neuspeed

Neuspeed is an American company well known for producing high-quality aftermarket automotive parts for different types of cars. The company rose to fame for its high-performance modifications to various Chevrolet cars, mainly Corvette and Camaro.

Apart from these, this California-based American brand has also modified several cars, such as the Neuspeed A4 Touring Car, Neuspeed Civic Si, and Neuspeed Thunder Bunny.

7. Nio

Nio Inc. is a Chinese multinational automobile manufacturer founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai. This car brand specializes in designing and developing electric vehicles. The company is well known for developing battery swapping stations for its electric cars as an alternative to conventional charging stations.

As of 2020, NIO has built 143 battery swap stations across 64 cities in China and completed over 800,000 battery swaps for its customers. The brand’s current lineup includes electric cars ranging from crossovers to sports cars. In 2023, NIO was the fifth-largest EV manufacturer by market cap.

8. Nikola

Nikola Corporation, formerly Nikola Motor Company, is an American automotive company founded in 2014. It designs and makes electric vehicles for commercial use. This 21st-century American brand makes everything, along with energy solutions, from heavy-duty to lightweight.

In 2022, the company completed 300 to 500 deliveries of its first battery-electric semi trucks, Nikola Tre. In addition, in 2021, the company delivered its first two battery-electric trucks.

9. Neoplan

Founded in 1935, Neoplan is a German automobile company that produces buses, trolleybuses, and coaches. In its early days, the company manufactured bus and truck chassis bodywork. But in 1953, it stopped making buses on truck chassis and started building new bus designs. Throughout the years, this brand developed some amazing bus models. In 2001, Neoplan became a subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus SE.

In addition, this brand’s logo and emblem consist of its name characters joined together with an underline extending to both sides from the arms of the alphabet A.


National Motor Company of Greece, or NAMCO, is a Greek auto manufacturer. This brand, which came into existence in 1972, is one of the most successful car brands that started with N. Pony was this brand’s first lightweight passenger utility vehicle, which became an instant success because it was the light-utility passenger vehicle and cheapest in the market.

11. NASR

NASR is a state-owned automobile company in Egypt. This first Arab automaker was founded in 1960 in Helwan, Egypt. Since its launch, the brand has produced licensed versions of many popular Fiat models, including 100 R, 1300, 2300, Series 2 Fiar 127, FSO Polinez, and more. In the early 2000s, the company began producing a Florida range under license from Serbian maker Zastava.

12. NAZ

NAZ is an acronym for Nakhchivan Automobile Plant, a private automaker from Azerbaijan founded in 2006. In 2009, NAZ signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese car brand Lifan and started its second inning.

The company’s annual output is 5000 units. However, at the initial stage of cooperation production, the company assembled and sold 108 passenger cars of four different Lifan Group models: 620 (sedan), 520 (sedan), 520i (hatchback), and 320 (hatchback) under the NAZ-LIFAN brand.

13. Neorion

Neorion is one of the oldest heavy industries in Greece. Founded in 1861, it is headquartered in Syros, Greece, and is one of the few remaining major industrial corporations in the country. This brand started automobile production in 1972. The first model of the company, E 8000 Bicini, was introduced in 1973. More than 100 models were built, all of them exported, mostly to the UK.

14. Nota

Nota Sports and Racing Cars, commonly called Nota, is an Australian automaker that came into existence in 1952. The company was founded by Aviation engineer Guy Buckingham, and under his leadership, with the help of his experience, the company designed and developed sports cars with triangular space frames. Nota Fang was the company’s best-selling car, with 105 models built between 1968 and 1975.

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15. Nagant & Cie, Liege

Nagant & Cie, Liege was a Belgium-based manufacturer founded in 1859. Initially, the brand used to manufacture and repair firearms, but in 1900, it also started making cars. Nagant cars were built from 1900 to 1928. After World War I, the company was producing around 200 cars per year. However, it was acquired by Imperia Automobiles in 1931 and ceased to exist.

16. Nash Motors

Nash Motors Company was an American auto manufacturer that operated from 1916 to 1954. The company worked independently from 1916 to 1937. However, from 1937 to 1954, Nash Motors merged with Kelvinator Appliance Company and operated as an automotive division of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation. 

The company ceased to exist as an independent entity in 1954 when it merged with Hudson Motors to form American Motors Corporation (AMC). Throughout its journey, Nash introduced many innovations, including automobile heating and ventilation systems, unibody construction, and seat belts.

17. Neri & Bonacini

Neri & Bonacini, also known as Nembo, was a small coachbuilder and mechanic shop based in Modena, Italy. The company was founded in 1959 and was active up to 1967. This firm worked on building bodies for race and road cars for Lamborghini, Maserati, and car brands that start with F and Ferrari. Ferrari 250 GT-based Nembo spiders is one of this company’s best-known projects.

18. Nickey

Nickey Chevrolet, also known as Nickey Chicago, was a Chevrolet dealership located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This company was established in 1925 by two brothers, and it quickly became one of the largest factory dealerships during the 1950s, specializing in high-performance muscle car modification, sales, and services. 

However, the dealership was sold in 1973 and became Keystone Chevrolet, ending the existence of the Nickey brand.

19. Nevs

NEVS, or NEVS AB, was a Swedish electric car automaker with a clear, simple, stylish representation of the letter N in its logo. The company was officially called National Electric Vehicle Sweden, and it acquired the assets of fellow Swedish automaker Saab Automobile from a bankruptcy estate in 2012. However, due to financial difficulties, the company closed in 2023.

20. N H Buchanan Motor Co

N H Buchanan Motor Co was an Australian automaker that operated from 1956 to 1961. The company produced kit cars, which meant buyers would get a set of car parts that they would have to assemble at home to build a functioning ride. From everyday commuter rides to racing car kits, this automaker produced many impressive builds.

21. NAG

Neue Automobil-Gesellschaft was an automobile manufacturer based in Berlin, Germany. The company was founded in 1901, changed its name to Nationale Automobil-Gesellschaft in 1915, and became defunct in 1934. During its 33-year lifespan, NAG built a few successful touring and truck models.

22. Nardi

Officine Nardi is another Italian car brand that starts with the letter N. This auto brand was founded in 1932 by Enrico Nardi, a racing engineer, driver, and mechanic. During its reign, Nardi was well known for making regular and racing cars. The company ceased to work on car prototypes in the mid-1950s.

23. National

National Motor Vehicle Company, or National, was another American car manufacturer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was formed in 1900. This brand initially focused on building electric vehicles but soon shifted its course to producing gasoline-engined cars.

With a stylish, cursive N letter emphasizing its simple logo, National produced a range of four-, six-, and twelve-cylinder passenger vehicles and plenty of popular race cars. In 1923, National was merged with Associated Motor Industries, which went out of business in 1924.

24. Nazzaro

Nazzaro or Automobili Nazzaro was another Italian automaker that tried its best to build the car-loving spirit of its country. The company was founded by racing driver Felice Nazzaro in 1911, named Nazzaro & C. Fabbrica Automobili, and it manufactured cars from 1911 to 1916.

However, the company was liquidated, bought, and renamed into a new company, Automobili Nazzaro. This newly formed car brand produced vehicles from 1919 to 1923.

25. Netuar

Netuar was a South African racing car maker founded in 1961 by Rauten Hartman. The company raced in 22 non-World Championship Formula One races from 1961 to 1967, in which the driver was the company’s founder himself. 

The Netuar car used Peugeot 403 engines throughout its races except for the last one, when it used Alfa Romeo engines. The Netura car was designed and built by Hartman himself.

26. Norsk 

Norsk was a car brand built by Norsk Automobil & Vagnfabrik As in 1908 in Oslo, Norway, but became defunct in 1911. Through its running period, Norsk produced 10 cars comprising small automobiles with single-cylinder 8 horsepower engines and heavier touring cars featuring four-cylinder engines. 

27. NSU Motorenwerke AG

NSU was a German auto manufacturer founded in 1873 that is no longer in business. The company used to build cars, motorcycles, and pedal cycles. In 1969, Volkswagen Group acquired the company, building Audi NSU Auto Union AG, ultimately the Audi we know today. With that, NSU Motorenwerke AG became defunct in 1969.

28. Nyayo Car

Nyayo Car was a Kenyan government project that aimed to make Kenyan cars. This project was initiated in 1986. Five prototypes, named Pioneer Nyayo Cars, were made, each with a speed of about 74 mph. The government even established Nyayo Motor Corporation to mass-produce these prototypes. Regardless, due to lack of funds, the vehicles were never built.

29. Norman E. Timbs

Norman E. Timbs was a talented independent engineer-designer from LA, California. He is best remembered for designing and manufacturing the 1948 Norman E. Timbs Buick Streamliner was and still is one of the most desirable car designs in the world. He also worked with Sterling Edwards and helped him design a European American sports car called Edwards Special, which came out in 1949.

Thus, you can see that many economical and luxury car brands start with n, most of them hailing from Italy. Today, only 14 N initial automotive brands are in business, while most of them are now defunct. But still, the N alphabet has held the history of some of the best car makers, tuners, and designer brands for over 100 years. And thanks to companies like Nissan and Nismo, the future of automakers that start with the letter N is bright.

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