Next-Gen Ford Blue Cruise Vehicles Stand Out in 2024

Next-Gen Ford Blue Cruise Vehicles Stand Out

Blue Cruise is American Automaker Ford’s active driving assistance program or ADA. This advanced technology lets you enjoy a hands-free driving experience on selected 2023 and 2024 Ford and Lincoln models. So, if you are considering buying a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle and wish it to be equipped with the latest tech, consider the ones equipped with Blue Cruise.

Earlier, this ADA feature did not come pre-installed, and buyers had to decide if they wanted it on their ordered vehicle so that the makers could install the hardware at the factory. Last year, Ford announced that it would implement a hands-free driving assistance program for more vehicles from before and from the factory.

This means you do not have to make decisions upfront. You get a 90-day free trial to make a decision. You can also activate this feature whenever you decide, whether after the trial period or years after your purchase.

Ford Blue Cruise

For all Ford and Lincoln buyers, the availability of this advanced tech is a solid factor to consider. This top-tier tech is guaranteed to take your driving experience to the next level. This hands-free driving assistance feature (based on techs like adaptive cruise control) is specially designed to make driving more accessible, more enjoyable than ever, and less stressful. 

It can accelerate, brake, and steer your vehicle in the lane, all with the touch of a button. It also includes a driver-attention system to ensure your eyes are on the road and that you are not distracted or sleeping. You can use this assistance anytime you feel like relaxing a bit or stretching behind the wheel. From your daily commute to long road trips, this feature can help you refuel yourself physically and mentally and arrive at your destination happy and energized.

One of the best things about this feature is that it has improved since its introduction. The proof is that Consumer Reports has named Ford’s BlueCruise its top-rated Active Driving Assistance Program for the second year in a row. 

Ford’s advanced tech earned it the top position out of the 17 systems tested by CR, including Tesla’s Autopilot, GM’s SuperCruise, and others.

To use this feature in your car, you will require:

  • FordPass App
  • Modern activation
  • A connected service plan

These things will help you regularly update maps, allowing your program to function most efficiently and receive all program updates as soon as they become available.

Ford’s Hands-Free Gift To Its Customers

Every car buyer wants to experience hands-free driving. With Tesla making headlines with its self-driving assistance, Ford has decided to give its buyers the best. With BlueCruise now installed from the factory, you have a trial period to enjoy it and decide whether it is something you desire. If you like it, you can buy it on subscriptions ranging from a month to four years, depending on the model.

Currently, Ford has over 225,000 vehicles equipped with this advanced driving program and wishes to increase this number, as it plans to install this hardware as standard on an additional 500,000 vehicles for the current model year.

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In addition, to ensure that you really want this future technology, you can schedule a test drive with any Ford dealership, try it for yourself, and decide if vehicles with this tech are worth considering.

2024 Ford Vehicles With Blue Cruise

2024 Ford Vehicles With Blue Cruise

For 2024, this happening Ford’s feature will be standard on:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E SUVs
  • Ford F-150 XLT, LARIAT, King Ranch, Platinum, and Tremor models
  • All-electric Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum and Lariat models
  • Ford Expedition Platinum and Platinum MAX models
  • Ford Explorer ST-Line, ST, and Platinum models
  • Lincoln Navigator SUV
  • Lincoln Corsair Compact SUV (Only on some trim levels)
  • Lincoln Nautilus SUV

You can activate this tech on your purchase for a month for $75, for a year for $800, or opt for three years of activation for $2100. You will get all the updates over the air. Blue Cruise 1.3 is the latest version of this hardware.

Top Features Of Ford Blue Cruise

Ford’s ADA allows you to take a break from full-handling your car. You simply need to keep your eyes on the road, sit back, and let your vehicle do the rest. This advanced technological feature is doing much better than its competitors, all thanks to the benefits it offers to its buyers.

Driver Facing Camera

Driver Facing Camera

One of the biggest reasons you should opt for Ford if you want a hands-free driving experience is that it comes with a built-in direct driver monitoring system (DDMS). There is a driver-facing infrared camera that tracks your eye gaze and head position to ensure you are paying attention to the road. If you look away from the road for more than five seconds, an audible warning will ask you to get your eyes back on the road.

Thus, you can see how this enhanced driver monitoring system adds an extra level of security that, despite hands off the steering, the driver is still engaged and can resume the vehicle’s control at any time.

360° Perception

360 Perception

The system’s external sensors detect your vehicle’s surroundings, allowing this tech to keep you in your lane and at the desired distance from other vehicles in your and adjacent lanes. This situational awareness provides an extra sense of security during hands-free driving.

Connected Maps

Connected Maps

The smart mapping software uses your Geo-location to determine if you are driving in a hands-free Blue Zone in the USA and can take your hands away from the steering wheel. As stated before, these maps get updated over the air to ensure you never miss a Blue Zone for a relaxed driving experience.

Thus, you can see how cool and unique Ford’s hands-free driving assistance feature is. With plenty of benefits and assistance to aid your driving, you can finally remove the stress from your trips and focus on relaxing. 

However, one crucial thing to remember before you rush to a dealership to buy your new Ford is that BlueCruise is not an actual self-driving car. It is simply an advanced tech that gives drivers time to relax while their eyes are on the road.

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