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Top 2024 Kia EV9 Lease Deals & Save Big on Your Next EV

2024 Kia EV9 Lease Deals and Save Big on Your Next EV

If you are someone like me who is becoming an electric ride fanatic with each passing day, then the all-new, stylish, and efficient Kia EV9 must have surely captured your interest. The EV9 is Kia’s flagship electric SUV, which carries the brand’s new logo that has made people across the globe search for queries like what is the KN car brand, and more.

Kia EV9 is a futuristic electric SUV that combines the best features of Kia’s popular SUVs: three-two Telluride and the electric EV6. The 2024 EV9 features a bold design, cutting-edge technology, an impressive range, a spacious interior, and a relatively low starting price in the segment.

For everyone who is looking to buy a new electric car, this South Korean build is a great choice. This EV comes with a price range of $54,900 to $73,900. However, if buying seems expensive, leasing it is an attractive option that is feasible for many potential buyers.

Leasing a vehicle offers flexibility and financial advantages. You can enjoy driving this highly anticipated and reliable SUV with current EV9 lease deals.

In this guide, we will be discussing everything you need to know about leasing this electric sport utility vehicle, including lease prices, special offers, tax credits, lease terms, and more.

Let us begin and see if there is a leasing deal available that is suitable for your budget.

Kia EV9 Lease Deals

When you lease a vehicle, it means you get the ownership to use it in exchange for a monthly fee for a particular period instead of buying it outright.

In the US, the average leasing period for cars, whether the ones with noninterference engines, banks turbo jeep 4.0 engines, electric or gasoline, is two to three years. While most people prefer buying a vehicle if they are paying for it in any way, leasing is becoming popular day by day. This not-so-new car-owning arrangement offers its users many benefits that one-up the traditional car buying.

  • Lower Monthly Payments

Compared to hefty monthly payments that come with financing a car, the monthly payments associated with leasing one are generally lower.  

  • Minimal Upfront Costs

While you have to provide a good lump sum amount upfront while taking out auto financing, with leasing, you are usually required to pay smaller down payment.

  • Driving The Latest Models

With car buying, you only get the car you drive, whereas, with leasing, you can enjoy driving the latest models, from the newest Bugatti to any premium or economical car brand that starts with F or any other letter.

  • Warranty Coverage

Leased vehicles are mostly covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the entire duration of the lease, whereas with buying, you only get it for the period set by the company. After that, you are on your own.

All these advantages make leasing Kia’s flagship electric SUV an appealing option for those who want to experience the latest EV technology without jumping into the long-term commitment or simply can not afford to buy it.

Lease Price

The lease price for this new electric SUV can vary based on several factors, including your location, dealership, lease term, mileage allowance, and any current promotions or incentives. On average, you can expect to pay monthly lease payments to range between $400 and $700. Below, I have a breakdown of the factors that usually influence the lease price:

  • Down Payment

The higher downpayment can reduce your monthly payments, making them more affordable. Whereas, the lower downpayment can increase your monthly installments.

  • Lease Term

Generally, the longer the lease terms, the lower the monthly payments. However, this results in higher overall costs.

  • Mileage Limit

Standard car lease deals in the US include 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. You can exceed this limit if you want. However, doing so can invite additional fees.

  • Credit Score

Your credit score plays a crucial role when you decide to lease a car. It affects the interest rate for your lease, which impacts your monthly payments. So, the better the score, the lower the interest rate, and vice versa.

EV9 Lease Specials

Kia and its dealerships keep offering lease specials on various models to attract customers. At present, you can easily find attractive offers on EV9 that will provide you with significant savings.

Different lease specials that you can find at your nearby dealerships include:

  • Reduced Monthly Payments – Temporary promotions may provide you with lower monthly costs
  • Low or No Down Payments – Some special offers might give you the leasing opportunity with little to no money upfront.
  • Maintenance Packages – There are some deals that come with complimentary maintenance services.
  • Loyalty Discounts – Kia might offer its existing customers some additional discounts.

To be able to take advantage of these specials, you need to keep a regular check on Kia’s official website and local dealership promotions.

Lease Offers & Incentives

Kia EV9 Lease Deals

In addition to the lease specials that I have mentioned in the section above, there are many other offers and incentives that can make leasing the new all-electric mid-size crossover SUV more affordable, including:

  • Kia may offer cash rebates that will reduce the overall lease cost for you.
  • Individual dealerships might provide their own discounts and incentives to the buyers. And as someone who is always rooting for car leasing, I recommend always looking out for dealer discounts.
  • Both federal and state governments offer incentives for buying or leasing electric vehicles. Including them can significantly lower your lease costs.

If you combine all these offers, you get yourself substantial savings. Thus, to get the maximum benefits, compare deals from multiple dealerships and explore all available incentives.

Lease Terms

Now that you are aware of different lease deals, specials, and incentives & offers, it is time we explore lease terms for the new EV9. Making yourself familiar with the lease terms and understanding them is highly crucial for making an informed decision.

Check out the typical lease terms of this vehicle below:

  • You are most likely to get to lease a vehicle from 24 to 48 months.
  • With the lease, you will generally get 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. And if you exceed this limit, you will be charged with additional fees.
  • You, as the lessee, will be responsible for any excess wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • At the end of the lease, you can either return the vehicle, choose to buy it at a predetermined price or trade it in for a new lease.

Whichever option you choose, I recommend you review each of these terms and understand them well in order to avoid unexpected costs and ensure you choose the right option based on your requirements, budget, and driving habits.

Private Lease

The most common way to lease vehicles is through dealerships. However, there is another unorthodox option called private leasing. Private leasing involves you borrowing the car directly from an individual owner instead of a dealership.

I understand the car renting option might confuse some potential lessees while for others it may seem like a better alternative. Well, whatever category you decide to put it in, it will be better if you learn about its pros and cons before making a final decision.


  • Private leases might offer potentially lower monthly payments than dealerships.
  • There is a high chance you will get more flexible terms.
  • You can negotiate the terms of your lease directly with the owner of the car. No third person.


  • Private car leasing options do not come with manufacturer warranties and maintenance packages.
  • Private leases tend to be more complex and come with higher risks related to legal and financial issues.

Before considering a private lease on your new South Korean EV, I recommend you thoroughly research and understand this individual leasing option, as it will help you make an informed decision.

Lease Tax Credit

kia ev9 lease tax credit

One of the biggest advantages of leasing an electric vehicle in the US right now is the potential for tax credits. The federal government now offers tax credits to the people driving eco-friendly automobiles. The main aim here is to encourage the public to adopt EVs. And the good news for you is that this lease tax credit makes your leasing more affordable.

  • Federal Tax Credit

You can get a federal tax credit for EVs as much as $7,500, depending upon the battery capacity of the ride. Applying this credit will reduce your lease’s capitalized cost and lower your monthly installments.

  • State Incentives

In addition to the federal government, many state governments also offer additional incentives for electric vehicle leases, such as tax credits, rebates, and reduced registration fees.

If you wish to benefit from these tax credits, please ensure that the model of Kia’s long-awaited electric SUV you are leasing meets the eligibility criteria. Also, confirm with your dealership how these credits will be applied to your lease. If you are opting for private leasing, you can not take advantage of these tax credits.

Related Questions

How much does a Kia EV9 cost?

This new all-electric SUV is available in five trim levels. You can buy the base trim, Light Short Range, for a starting price of $54,900, whereas the top trim, GT-Line, can be yours for an initial price of $73,000. Please understand that these prices can change based on the optional features that you might add to your purchase.

How fast does the new EV9 SUV charge?

The Kia’s first full-fledged electric SUV comes with a Combined Charging System (CSS) socket on the vehicle’s right-hand side. This allows for ultra-fast charging up to 210 kW, all thanks to the multi-input charging system that is compatible with both 400V and 800V infrastructure.

With its fastest charging, this ride can get 10% to 80% charged in only 24 minutes, giving you 161 to 196 miles easily.

Does the Kia EV9 Qualify for Tax Credits?

One of the most asked questions about EV9’s leasing is whether this SUV qualifies for tax credits or not. Well, the answer is yes. This all-new, full-fledged Kia SUV qualifies for both federal and potentially state tax credits that are specially designed to promote electric vehicle adoption among the people.

Take a closer look below:

  • Federal Tax Credit

You can get up to $7,500 federal tax credit for buying or leasing an electric vehicle in the USA. However, the exact amount you will receive depends on the vehicle’s battery size. You will get this credit as a reduction in your monthly lease payment.

  • State & Local Incentives

Many states offer their own incentive on electric vehicles, including tax credits, reduced registration fees, rebates, and access to HOV lanes. To maximize your savings, do not forget to check your state’s specific incentives.


Leasing the Kia EV9 instead of buying comes with numerous benefits, like lower monthly payments, minimal down payments, and flexibility to drive the latest models. You can get yourself the best lease deal possible by familiarizing yourself with lease prices, special offers, tax credits, and lease terms.

So, if you are ready to explore the available lease deals for the first all-electric SUV from the global South Korean car brand, I advise you to start by visiting your local Kia dealership and checking the brand’s official website.

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