What is The KN Car Brand Everyone Is Talking About?

What is The KN Car Brand

For automotive brands, changing their logos is nothing new. Most people do not even bother. However, one such upgrade that has made people worldwide go bonkers and search fanatically for queries like KN car brand, KN cars, what the KN car brand is, and many more is the new KIA emblem.

All this confusion related to KN cars is because Kia launched its new symbol, which is somehow unclear and unacceptable to many people. In 2021, the company officially unveiled its new logo and slogan, “Movement that inspires,” and made a Guinness World Record, all thanks to the touch of a fireworks display.

The symbol consists of an Italic hand spelling the word Kia. It replaces the traditional emblem and showcases symmetry, rhythm, and rising.

Although the new design is now about three years old and more and more models like Telluride, Seltos, Niro, EV6, EV9, and others are coming with this rejuvenated Kia embodied in them, search engines like Google are still receiving thousands of queries related to the KN brand and cars.

What Is A KN Car Brand?

The updated styling of the redesigned Kia logo has confused many consumers, and this confusion continues even after three years. This confusion with the name has arisen because the brand has merged the letters “I” and “A” and removed the cross line across the letter A.

This new brand representation somehow turned potentially confusing as the combined “IA” looks like a backward “N,” making the entire design spell out “KN” instead of Kia.

So, if you are at a stop light and find that the car in front of you has a new KN emblem and start thinking, why the hell have you not heard of this car brand? Do not get hasty, as no such brand exists. It is the good old and now a new cult-favorite Kia.

New Logo Meaning

Kia New Logo

Although many people have criticized Kia for an unnatural logotype and stated that the redesign is a flop, the logo has a deep meaning. Plus, it has worked in the brand’s favor, and it has been getting Kia more attention than ever.

The main themes of the latest Kia car brand, not the KN car brand, are symmetry, rhythm, and rising motion. The emblem comprises simple lines that are all connected and drawn upward, clearly illustrating these themes.

The company wanted something bold and distinctive that highlighted its focus on the automotive future, especially advanced technology. Kia is already at the forefront of manufacturing EV and hybrid models and embedding better connectivity, safety technology, and sustainability.

Thus, they came up with the new motif, which is more elegant than before and gives Kia a futuristic look.

So, the next time you see a car with a trademark consisting of a K and a backward N, refrain from taking out your phone and frantically searching things like KN car price, KN cars, KN car brand, car with KN badge, KN new car, and more.

Just remember, it is the pride of South Korea, Kia.

Popular Kia or KN Models

  • Soul
  • Ria
  • Seltos
  • Sorento/Sorento Hybrid
  • Telluride
  • Niro/Niro Plug-in Hybrid/Niro EV
  • Forte
  • K5
  • Stinger
  • EV6
  • EV9
  • Carnival

Kia’s Logo Evolution Throughout The Years

We are here to discuss how searches about KN cars are still blowing up and how the company has made a weird change. But this is not the brand’s only dramatic icon.

That’s right. 

This upcoming car brand in the global market has already become a cult favorite in the United States. It has had a long journey of changes that brought it to the current modernized logo, which can be written in one go without any breaks.


kia logo 1942-1964

Kia began its journey in 1944 as a bicycle and motorcycle maker. Its first mark was introduced in 1953 and consisted of three diamonds overlapped by a circle that mostly looks like a gear. In that gear-shaped circle, a hexagon embedded a rectangle in which the capital letters of Kia were inscribed.


kia logo in 1964-1986

In 1964, Kia began making cars. It was not prominent, but the company started experiments. If you find Kia’s new KN design unrelated, you will give up after discovering that the brand’s second logo was an “upside-down Q” in green.

This symbol was said to be a stylized Korean script, “K,” showing the company’s focus on quality and innovations. In 1973, Kia launched the Brisa pickup, the first vehicle with this badge.


logo in 1986-1994

When Kia again changed its logo around the third time, it had already built a good base in car manufacturing. This time, the emblem was a stylized wordmark spelling Kia for the first time.

The letter K comprised a thick black line with a triangle sloping to its right. Both I and A letters were made of single lines forming into each letter shape. And to the top, over the triangle of K, there was a wave line extending to the end of A.


logo in 1994-2012

1994 is the time when Kia finally let go of its symmetric love and gave us the most known red Kia badge. It consisted of red-colored capital Kia letters embedded in a red oval. The red was said to represent the company’s passion and energy, while the white background depicted their purity and loyalty. This one is the longest-running Kia symbol so far.


kia logo in 2012-2021

The previous logo was slightly refined compared to its predecessor. It was bolder with sharper lines and brighter red coloring. There was no confusion like KN because the figure spelled out Kia in bold caps, with each letter separated from the others with optimum spacing.


Kia New Logo

The present and mistaken KN logo symbolizes the company’s transition to an EV-focused production and being more responsible and sustainable. This new symbol uses the brand’s primary color, Midnight Black. There is no frame, and it highly resembles a handwritten signature, making it more versatile and adaptable to diverse applications.

Thus, you can see how, with its new brand representation mistaken by many as a new KN car brand, Kia has cleverly shown its transformation into a mobility solution brand and has gained only the desired attention and marketing.  Apart from the logo, Kia has also done some other renaming. Kia Motors America is now Kia America, Kia Motors North America is now Kia North America, and Kia Motors Corporation is simply Kia Corporation.

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